Va state vehicle inspection locations

The auto repair shops carry their official Test Center number.


At our auto repair shop, we can perform emissions testing on all eligible vehicles regardless of fuel type or model year. Visit our shop or call our Stafford location at , or reach our Fredericksburg location at to make an appointment. VA State Inspection Station Vehicles in Virginia must undergo an annual safety inspection, and eligible vehicles in qualifying areas require emissions testing before vehicle registration and every 2 years after that.

In some cases, an emissions test extension is granted. New residents are subject to the same requirements, unless your vehicle has undergone an emissions inspection in a qualified state within the last 12 months.

Virginia State Vehicle Inspection

For your state inspection needs visit or call our Stafford location at , or reach our Fredericksburg location at We offer extended hours to work with your schedule and ensure that all equipment is functioning properly. Even cars that appear to be in good shape can have hidden problems. When a routine inspection catches them, you can choose to proactively fix a minor problem before it becomes a more expensive one.

If you can go toward the beginning of the month, you may be able to save yourself some time.

In Maryland, for example, cars require inspection only once. Failing inspection is more common than you might think—1 in 10 of the cars that come through will fail.

All it takes is failure on one of the 24 points of the inspection. And it keeps your car, and you, safer on the road.

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  • Where Can I Get My Car Inspected in VA and What Can I Expect?;

One example of a larger problem you might not notice yourself is an exhaust leakage. An inspector will thoroughly examine the entire exhaust system, from the engine to the discharge point. Virginia takes car safety very seriously, and as many learn the hard way, the police will actually pull you over and give you a ticket if the inspection sticker on your windshield has expired. We recommend getting your inspection performed in the middle of the month and middle of the week for shorter wait times.